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What To Buy? Paperang VS. Peripage Pocket Printers

The review you’ve all been waiting for is finally here. In December 2020 I uploaded this review about my Paperang thermal pocket printer. When Peripage asked me if I wanted to receive their thermal pocket printer I was interested in doing a comparison, which they agreed to. Both of these printers were gifted to me in exchange for an Instagram posts, with no obligations to write a review or blog post!

With so many thermal pocket printers on the market today I wanted to make a comparison blog post. The Paperang P2 printer that I own costs 150 euro’s on their website but is often on sale for 119 euros. The Peripage A6 pocket printer is 103 euros. Interesting is that both printers can be bought on Amazon for 40 euros, which is a crazy difference in price. When you do end up buying one of these, make sure to check the entire internet for the cheapest price.

Design Ande Usage

So let’s start with the visual differences, as you can see the Peripage pocket printer is a little bit smaller and more flat compared to the Paperang printer. The design of the Peripage printer is very cute since it looks like a little bear! The design of the Paperang printer looks more professional.

The Paperang P2 printer comes in one colour, which is the white one that you see in the picture above. Their other printers are coloured but I always prefer a simple and clean look. Something I like about the Paperang printers is that there are cases available for each printer as well in a clear plastic with and without colour.

The Peripage pocket printer comes in three colours: white, pink and blue. Again I picked the white printer, since I like neutrals. Peripage recently added clear cases without colour to their collection for extra protection.

In terms of usage, I prefer the Paperang printer. The printer is easier to open and the instructions are just a bit more clear to me. However, there is not much difference and either one will work fine.

App Design And Use

Printing quality is very important, but before I discuss this I will talk a little bit about the apps that come with these printers. Both brands have their own app for printing any designs. Connecting the printer to the app works really easy for both brands, in a matter of minutes the printers are connected to the app through Bluetooth.

I’m not really a fan of the new Paperang app design. The app worked perfectly and had multiple designs ready to print, which was fun to use for some inspiration. The new app is unclear and not very easy to use, I believe that there will be some changes to this in the future.

The Peripage app on the other hand has many different options and is easy to use.

Printing Quality

Now onto the printing quality. Both printers have the option for a light, medium and dark printing setting, which can be seen on the images above. I used the standard paper that came with both printers for these tests. The Paperang paper on the left looks warmer, which I like more. The Peripage images on the right look more grey and sometimes they even look a bit green. The Peripage images also look a bit darker, which makes the flowers less detailed compared to the Paperang.

Like I said, the paper that I used for the comparison in this blog post is the standard paper that came with both printers. I guess this is the right time to start discussing all the paper options of each brand. The Paperang has by far the most paper options, white sticker paper, clear sticker paper and many different options for coloured paper as well. Peripage offers some white sticker paper and normal coloured paper.

I love using the white and clear sticker paper with my Paperang and in my opinion these paper options have a massive impact on my opinion of these printers.

My preference

Even though the differences are small my preference goes to the Paperang pocket printer. Even though the Paperang app doesn’t have the options that I would’ve liked at the moment this is less important for me. When I look at the printer quality the Paperang printer shows more detail and I prefer the tone of the images. The Paperang printer also has more paper options, which I really like.

I hope this review and comparison helps you to pick the best printer for your liking! If the printer of your liking happens to be the Paperang as well, you can use my (AD-affiliate) discount code: MILOEJOANNE for 10% off your order from the Paperang website. Make sure to check other websites as well, since it can be much cheaper on Amazon for example!!


  • Tee
    29/10/2021 at 14:02

    Hi, just wanted to check which model of peripage are your reviewing? Is it the regular (203 dpi) or the HD (304 dpi) model? They essentially look identical to each other but should have been clearly stated on the box.

    It would be interesting to know as you are comparing the paperang P2 which is the updated 304 model for paperang so it would be useful to know what we are comparing to against.


    • Miloe Joanne
      22/11/2021 at 19:59

      I’m so sorry for my late reply on your comment, thank you so much for your question!
      I didn’t even realise that there was a difference between the Peripage printers.
      I checked and the Peripage printer that I have is 304 dpi, which means both printers in this review are the 300 dpi versions!

      I’ll add this to my blog post as well!

      Thank you!


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