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The Tsuki ‘Moon Flower’ Bullet Journal Notebook Review

Trying a new bullet journal notebook can be challenging, the size, paper quality, and feel are different for each notebook. This year I got the opportunity to try a notebook from The Notebook Therapy. They kindly sent me their limited edition moonflower bullet journal notebook. I chose an A5 size since this is the most common and my preferred size to use.

Last year I discovered journals with 160 gsm paper, which was an eye-opener. During my bullet journal year, I worked my way up from 90 gsm to 160 gsm and will never go back again. That’s why this notebook from the Notebook Therapy immediately caught my eye, plus the very pretty cover of course! I always take enough time to try out the notebook and work in it for a few months before writing a review. At the moment I’ve made my yearly set-up and the months January and February in this notebook. So let’s go to the review!

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About The Notebook

The notebook in this review is the Tsuki limited edition winter ‘moon flower’ edition. This one is an A5 size and has 160gsm dotted white paper. The journal is also available in a B5 and smaller original size (this one has 128 pages). The A5 journal in this review contains 176 pages. The notebook has two pink ribbons and all the Tsuki notebooks contain a little paperclip.

The Tsuki ‘Moon Flower’ Cover

Like I already mentioned, this is the limited winter edition of the ‘moon flower’ notebook, there are still some in stock, which you can find here. The cover has a leather feel but is faux (YAY!). I had never used a white notebook before, simply because I was scared that it would get dirty. Obviously, the cover does get dirty but the material is very easy to clean. A tissue with some water will clean all the dirty spots very easily.

Picking a notebook was so difficult since the Notebook Therapy has some gorgeous covers, but I’m really happy with my choice! The pages have golden edges with a flower pattern, which looks very luxurious from the side.

The notebook therapy Tsuki moonflower

Paper Quality

The paper from this notebook is very thick, the 160 gsm are ideal for every type of water-based marker or paint. The pages are not coated but this is rarely the case with this thick paper. I didn’t add a pen test for this notebook, because this is simply useless with this quality paper, nothing will bleed or ghost.

I added a picture of the paper and dots. This is the whitest paper I’ve had so far and the dots are not too noticeable, which is perfect. I always hate it when the dots are too noticeable because this can really ruin your spreads. The only thing that I noticed so far is that the paper breaks when I use too many layers of a marker. With this I mean 3 or more layers on top of each other. This could be a coincidence since it happened only once.

The notebook therapy Tsuki pages

Final Opinion

I’m really happy with this notebook from The Notebook Therapy and I would definitely buy one in the future. I love the designs and I think these journals belong to one of the best bullet journal notebooks out there. The only thing I wish for is an option with more pages. I can fit five months in a journal with 172 pages, which means that I need a journal with more pages to finish the year. This is based on personal preference, of course, depending on the number of pages you need in a year. 

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