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The Most Incredible Bullet Journal Light Bulb Themes

Making a light bulb bullet journal theme has been on my list for quite a while now. It’s a theme that has been on my mind every January since I find it fitting to the month. However, it’s a perfect theme for any month of the year! I believed that many people already did this theme, however, when I was searching for inspiration I almost couldn’t find anything. To make life a bit easier for you, I’m sharing some inspirational work from multiple bullet journal creators!

Some amazing light bulb themes!

The first pages I like to share are from Lisa, also known as @aurabujos on Instagram. The first thing that caught my eye were the amazing colours in these spreads! The combination of blue and yellow looks incredible.

These spreads are made by Danique, @bulletjournal_by_danique on Instagram. How cute is this sleep tracker, the little accents of light bulbs added to both of these spreads just give it that little bit of extra!

Next up are these spreads by @lafondari on Instagram, which look stunning! The yellow colour in these spreads look so warm and fitting for a theme like this! Her doodles for this theme were so original and creative!

These spreads are made by Lisanne, also known as @lisanplan on Instagram. She drew so many different lamp designs for this theme! The long weekly spread is perfect for a hanging lamps theme like this!

These amazing spreads are by @thuys.bujo on Instagram. This habit tracker design immediately caught my eye! It’s such an original and creative method of tracking habits!

Next up on this list is are two spreads made by Nicole from @jade_journals on Instagram. Her doodles are entirely different than the other spreads I’ve shown so far! I especially love all the effects that are added around the little light bulbs!

Sheila from @lalipop.lettering is one of my favourite bullet journal content creators to follow at the moment! Her spreads and doodles are always so detailed and the shadows she adds to her doodles make them come to life. It’s refreshing to see someone use both yellows and oranges for a light bulb theme, this gives such a different effect!

These two spreads are made by @tonisjournal on Instagram. She uploaded quite some weeklies for this theme and I found her layouts so pretty and fitting to the theme! Next to this, I fell in love with her monthly spread, how amazing are all the dotted boxes?!

Brooke from @b.bulletjournal on Instagram is next on this list. Her weekly spread couldn’t miss in this blog post, it’s such an original layout! The lamps make the perfect size and shape for a full weekly spread.

These last two spreads are made by Slav, who is also known as @seed_successful_you on Instagram. I liked Slav her light bulb theme a lot! The combination of colours and layouts is just perfect!

My January light bulb theme

To finish this blog post I wanted to share some of my own light bulb theme pictures! I got a lot of inspiration from the creators above and combined this with my own style to create my January 2021 theme! For more pictures of this theme, you can check out my Instagram.

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