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The Best September 2021 Bullet Journal Themes

These are already the last days of September, which means that it’s time to share my favourite September bullet journal themes! It was so hard to pick my favourites because there were so many original and beautiful themes again. I always like to highlight some smaller accounts as well so make sure to give them some support!

The Best Of The Best

I want to start this blog post by sharing my absolute favourite theme, which is this one by @icedtearts. I love the leaves in this theme and the abstract shapes give me the feeling of a cold autumn breeze. Her themes are always very detailed and original, so make sure to take a look at her other creations as well!

Scrolling through all the new September themes, I immediately fell in love with this coffee theme from @journalula. I think it’s so dark and original, somehow feels so different compared to all the other coffee themes out there.


I picked two flower themes for this blog post because I simply can’t get enough of them. Firstly I picked this flower theme by @bulletjournalbychloe. I love seeing creators use blackout or kraft notebooks. It’s always more difficult to make a theme in these and it’s great to see what people do with these. This flower theme on the kraft paper looks absolutely amazing, the blue letters of September really pop. I also had to add this picture of her dutch door monthly because I love a little dutch door!

This second flower theme is created by @evelyn.zimtstern. The flowers give me such autumn vibes due to the colours and shapes. I love how flower themes can be simple yet so pretty when you pick the right colour palette, which is something Evelyn definitely did!

In need of some autumn bullet journal inspiration? Make sure to take a look at this blog post, which contains more than 25 autumn bullet journal theme ideas!

Really Cool Ideas

I was so surprised when I saw this wild west theme from @journalingforjerks. I’ve never seen this theme before and I think it turned out amazingly! This is such an original theme idea and one we should all add to our “themes to create” list!

Next up is this laundry theme by @phdoodling21. I’ve featured Madisons themes before in a blog post like this because she has the most original theme ideas! I love the colours of this theme and I’m definitely adding this to my to-do list!

At the beginning of this month, I was thinking: “a snake theme would be so cool, has someone created one before?”. I had never seen it and suddenly one day later I found this snake theme by @happy_alpaca_bujo. I wasn’t wrong because wow, this snake theme looks absolutely amazing!

This next theme was created by @ivanajournals, who made this amazing cottage core theme! This feels so cosy and like a fairytale I absolutely love it! Make sure to take a look at Ivana her other creations because she makes beautiful themes!

So Cute

A koi fish theme works for every month of the year, which means that it’s great for months like September when it’s difficult to pick a theme. I love this koi fish theme by @jaidenbujos, the style of doodles immediately caught my eye!

The new school year starts in September (in most countries), so a back to school/stationery desk theme is perfect for this time of the year! I love how bright and colourful this theme by @_bu_jo_boy_ feels!

Am I sharing another butterfly theme? Absolutely, I can’t get enough of them and I love how created this flask with the butterflies in it! This is so much different compared to other butterfly themes I’ve seen!

I hope you liked seeing my favourite September bullet journal themes. I also made a post with my favourite mushroom bullet journal themes this month, click here to read! See you next time!

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