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The Best June 2021 Bullet Journal Themes

I’m so excited because it’s time to share my favourite June 2021 bullet journal themes! Some of the themes that I found really amazed me, so I won’t make this intro any longer than necessary.

The first creator is @notesncoffees, who is a fellow Dutchie! She popped up in my feed and I immediately fell in love with her art style. I almost couldn’t believe that these pages were made with markers, which can be challenging when it comes to dept and layers. She definitely knows a lot about art, colours and is very talented. I can’t wait to see more!

The next theme that I picked is created by @art_bujo_charizzetotto, who created this bright and colourful hot air balloon theme! Hot air balloon themes are always one of my favourites, every single one looks different since the variations are endless! I’m loving the colours that Charizze picked, they make me very excited for summer!

Next up is this amazing theme by @thechickjournal, who has been so creative with her pages this month! I honestly never seen a theme like this and can’t get enough of all the sea animals. Every spread is such a surprise! I can’t wait to see what Xenia has in store for July!

The next theme that I picked is more of a scrapbook theme created by @acovetedlifestyle. I love themes like this! I’m always happy to see an amazing colour scheme and cute pictures, which create the best theme ever! Just so you know, her July cover spread looks amazing as well, so make sure to give it a like!

An ice cream theme couldn’t miss this month! I picked this one by @littlebitofpaper! So far I only saw themes with big ice cream but these little ones are just too adorable. I love the simplicity of her layouts and the colours are so bright and fun!

This theme by @raffie_journal makes me so excited to go seashell searching on the beach. Unfortunately, the seashells on the Dutch beach are often white or blue, I wish that there were bright coral colours like this! The detail in these seashells amazes me and I just love the warm colours.

The last theme in this blog post is by @bujobysoph, who made this very cute breakfast theme! I love all the different doodles and the double cover spread (love those lately!!). Sophie also made her weekly spreads with a tab on the side of the page, what a great idea!

I hope you got some bullet journal inspiration from these amazing June bullet journal themes. Make sure to tag the creator when you recreate any of their pages! See you soon!

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