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The Best July 2021 Bullet Journal Themes

After taking a little break in July I’m back to share my favourite July bullet journal themes! I found some amazing creators again with very summery themes that I couldn’t get enough from.

How Original

@sabsjournal had the amazing idea of creating a broadway theme for July! I’ve never seen a bullet journal theme like this and it was so much fun to see all of her creations this month.

I’m so in love with this tiki/tropical theme by @kla.journals! I’ve never seen a theme like this and this one is defenitely added to my “themes to make” list!


I couldn’t believe how beautiful this theme by Lily also known as @cowbujo. I love that she created this theme with markers, it looks so difficult, beautiful, and pretty. Make sure to take a look at her account!

I absolutely loved this beach theme by @giira.sool. How cute are these little beach houses? My favourite spread from her is the mood tracker that she created!

Tropical Vibes

I was absolutely in love with this gorgeous theme by @constancechel, it is so summery and bright! I’m loving all the tropical vibes!

More tropical vibes! I was in love with this theme by! I was totally impressed by her monthly spread which looks like an awesome dutch door!

Amazing Colour Cominations

I can’t get enough of all the beautiful butterfly themes! I absolutely loved this one created by @jimsjournals the pink and blue look gorgeous together.

One of my favourite themes this month was by @bujo.serein who created this amazing desert sunset theme! I honestly love these colours and how she used this theme in all of her spreads.

I hope that you all loved these themes just as much as I did. Make sure to take a look at the instagram page of these creators for some more inspiration!

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