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The best health and fitness tracker ideas

January always comes with pressure, the feeling that you’ll have to do better than last year and January should be the month it all gotta happen. Poof, I’m waking you up from your dream because that ain’t true. In January I often feel unproductive, unaccomplished, and tired. Not a good month to start my new year resolutions. This is where the glorious month of February comes in, the first rays of sunshine better get you excited! My new year resolutions mostly revolve around creating healthy habits and creating a balanced fitness, work, and mindful lifestyle.

My bullet journal is a key feature in creating new habits and reaching goals! There are several helpful spreads and layouts that will increase your motivation and keep you focused. I teamed up with some amazing creators to show the best health and fitness tracker layouts! Make sure to check their Instagram accounts because their other work is amazing as well!

Tracking your daily habits

According to research, it takes an average of 66 days to develop a new habit. Consistency is important but don’t be too harsh on yourself when you missed a day! A habit tracker makes you accountable and aware of the habits you want to create. Most importantly, a habit tracker spread is very fun to create!

Fitness and health - habit trackers
Left: @miris.journal Top right: @bulletby_R Bottom right: @journalwithbern

Sleep trackers

Sleep is so important for your mood, energy and more. Some people find sleeping a waste of time, which I don’t agree with at all. Now that I pay more attention to my sleeping schedule and the amount of hours I need to function properly, I’m feeling much more energised. Tracking your hours of sleep can be a struggle but a sleeping tracker like the ones below are easy to make and use.

health and fitness - sleep trackers
Top Left: @mindofideas_ Bottom Left: @bulletjournal_by_danique Right: @medstud.ies

Fitness trackers

Finding a good workout routine is something that I’m still struggling with. It’s a struggle to fit in my schedule, I don’t always feel enthusiastic about it and sometimes I just don’t know what to do. Even with all these difficulties a fitness tracker can help. Setting goals, writing down a workout plan, checking a box when you’ve accomplished one. This can all be part of your fitness tracker, this way there are less obstacles.

Steps trackers

I don’t know about you, but I just spend a lot of time sitting down when I’m at work or at home being creative. Apparently everyone should do at least 10k steps a day. Which is something I rarely reach. Next to this, its better for your blood flow to walk around 250 steps after an hour of sitting down. I’m not too good with my steps count, but when you do want to spend more time outside or focussing on this, a steps tracker will work great for you!

Water intake

Drinking water is so important to keep you healthy and fit. Drinking water is something I often forget when I’m too busy or when I’m not paying attention to it. A water tracker can be a perfect solution for this!


The last type of tracker that I want to mention is a gratitude tracker. What are you grateful for today, mentioning and remembering a good moment in every day makes life more positive.

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