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The Best February 2021 Bullet Journal Theme Ideas

I saw so many amazing February bullet journal themes and I can’t wait to share my absolute favourites with you today. Definitely check out the creators by clicking on their name, this will guide you to their Instagram page.

Bright and colourful

The first creator on this list is the one and the only @kiiabujoilee, who is one of my favourite bullet journal creators to follow! In my opinion, she’s the queen of colour combinations and I love her simple doodle style! This new colourful egg theme is so fun to see and it’ll be perfect for a recreation around easter! If you’re not following Kiia yet, you’re missing out!

Plant lovers

Next up is this amazing flower theme by @bulletwithe, I just love the doodles and the little bottles with flowers. February is always a month full of valentine’s day themes, and even though this theme has pink tones, it gives me a totally different feel. This one is definitely added to my themes to make list!

I’m a massive plant lover, so when I saw this theme from @paper_and_tea, I instantly fell in love with it! These monstera leaves are just amazing. This reminds me that I should be making a plant theme very soon. These colours in combination with the golden accents look amazing.

Pretty paintings

@hannahmariaplans is absolutely amazing with paint and I think this is one of my favourite themes from her ever. The colours are so beautiful and I’m loving all of her pages this month!

Another painted theme is this one by @temporary_illustration, who made a leave theme with creative colours. I always love designs like this but never seen a bullet journal theme with them! I just love this combination of colours and patterns and the lettering on the leaves looks gorgeous.

@linneasjournal is a creator that I discovered this month, her landscapes look amazing and the little sheep just add something cute. This also reminds me a little of the Netherlands and home, since I have a little farm with sheep in front of my house.

Pink is always a good choice

I know February is all about valentine’s themes, so I had to add at least one on this list. My favourite valentine’s theme is for sure this heart candy one by @thatbujolady. The set-up of this is amazing and due to the colours it doesn’t feel too much but fresh and inviting.

Lastly, I want to mention @kyesjournal her theme with grid boards. I have one of these above my desk and I love using it, so what a great idea to make this into a bullet journal theme.

I hope that you loved seeing all these amazing themes! My February theme is a music theme, if you would like to check it out this is a link to my Instagram page.

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