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The Best Bullet Journal Themes Of 2020

2020 has been a year full of creativity. I felt so inspired seeing so many gorgeous bullet journal themes this year. It almost seems like everyone stepped up their game and created the most amazing and original pages. I want to end this year on a high and share some of my favourite 2020 bullet journal themes with you. These are 100% worth trying in 2021, I promise! Also, check out these amazing friends and artists on Instagram because they deserve all of your support. The bullet journaling community is wonderful and full of kindness and joy!

My favourites of 2020

The first one on this list is Ashley, known as @toastyjournals on Instagram. Ashley made some amazing themes this year, and I honestly can’t wait to see what she’ll make for 2021. Her August and December themes were amazing, but my absolute favourite was September 2020. A pomegranate theme, I had never seen anything like this before and it was love at first sight. I remember talking to Ashley about the theme back then when I expressed enthusiasm. She was a little unsure about the theme, but in my opinion so unnecessary. This was a definite love for me, the colours and drawings are just totally it!

The second person that came to mind for this blogpost was Tati, also known as @notikjournal on Instagram. Tati has been such an inspiration for me this year! I’ve never seen such original theme ideas before, from Egypt to trains and cosmetics. Every single one was worth seeing! Even though I enjoyed all her themes, my favourite was her May detectives theme. With the most detailed doodles and amazing colour scheme, this was just too good. I can’t wait to see more!

Most of you will already know Cypriana from @cypscribbles, she is a well known in the bullet journal community as an amazing creator. If I’m being honest, I’m not always into the painted bullet journal spreads, but for Cypriana I gladly make an exception. She creates the most detailed themes, which are always a favourite to see each month! It was a tough pick between her farmers market theme and yoga theme, but I chose the latter. What can I say, it even made me excited to practice yoga, who would’ve thought?!

Danique from @bulletjournal_by_danique has been a great friend of mine for over a year now. We text each other constantly, and I’m surprised that she isn’t sick of me yet, haha! I know how much effort and care she puts in her bullet journal pages and enjoyed the whole process. She created such amazing themes this year and showed so much growth! My favourite of hers was August 2020, the ice cream theme. This theme was so bright, fun and colourful that it made me happy every time I looked at it. The perfect summer theme in my opinion!

This year I discovered some amazing and new accounts one of them was Lisa from @feather.eaux on Instagram. Lisa is so talented, and I just love the way she uses markers in her spreads and picks colour schemes! I fell in love with her desert theme in June, so much that I recreated it for August this year. All the credits of course to Lisa because she came up with this amazing and original idea! Her themes have been stunning this year and I can’t wait to see what she has planned for 2021.

One person that I couldn’t forget on this list was Adorel from @artbyadorel. If there is one person in the bullet journal community with a crazy amount of talent, it has to be Adorel. Like I said earlier, I’m not always into the painted bullet journal spreads however, the pages from Adorel are not just spreads. She makes complete artworks in her bullet journal, from Australian flowers to the Pixar movies and the seven wonders of the world. I keep getting blown away by her beautiful work. Picking a favourite theme from her was the hardest so far, but my eyes kept going to this planet artwork for her April earth day theme. I can’t wait to see more of her themes next year!

I love seeing how creators use a black bullet journal, which seems like such a challenge to me. Maddy from @planwithmaddy has blown me away this year with her black spreads. My absolute favourite was her October theme where she used this amazing technique to create a neon effect. Her overall theme was Alice in Wonderland, which I love, but the technique she used gave such a different vibe to this theme. If you’re using a black bullet journal next year, you should get some inspiration from Maddy!

I always love the detailed themes and especially if there are animals or insects incorporated! Nadia from @nadia.journals created this amazing theme with watercolours and I was so surprised how amazing this was combined! This one is definitely added to my themes to make list for next year!

To stay with the insect themes, I also loved this pond and dragonfly theme by Laura from @art_n_foxes. If you like detailed spreads, this is the account where you should go for inspiration! Every theme she makes is so original, detailed and just gorgeous. It’s always a treat when her plan with me video is uploaded. She is one of the only bullet journal creators that I watch on YouTube and I can’t get enough.

Who else can’t get enough of strawberries in summer? Me neither, especially strawberry themes were a favourite of mine this year! My favourite was the July strawberry theme from Tea known as @teanbujo on Instagram. I honestly almost saved every page from this theme, because I’m definitely going to try this one out in 2021!

To finish this blogpost I had to share my favourite theme from December 2020. Drum roll please…

The one and only, Kaitlyn from @kc.bujo. I couldn’t leave her out of this list. Her December theme made me feel like I was on the North-pole in a little elf village and let me tell you, I want to go there asap. Transform me into an elf and let me live there please, I would eat gingerbread all day long. All jokes aside, Kaitlyn is not only super sweet but also amazingly talented. I honestly don’t know how she comes up with these detailed and gorgeous themes!

That’s it, my favourite 2020 bullet journal themes. I couldn’t be more excited to see all the themes everyone comes up with, in 2021! Comment your favourite theme of 2020 down below!

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