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25+ The Most Incredible Autumn Bullet Journal Theme Ideas

Struggling to find the perfect bullet journal theme for the autumnal months? Look no further because I made a list of the most incredible autumn bullet journal themes! I know that it’s still August but many of you are probably already working on your September themes and in my opinion, it’s never too early to seek inspiration.

Into The Woods

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the basics, that’s why I like to start with them. The (not always) simple themes that you immediately think of when I say the words autumn and bullet journal theme in one sentence.

  • Maple leaves – I obviously had to start with maple leaves because they indicate the change of season. Next to this they are very aesthetically pleasing and they will look great with a lot of colours. If you’re new to bullet journaling they can be quite tricky, be creative and use leaves from outside to trace or print a stencil! @dutch_dots made a pretty maple leaves theme back in 2019 just like @bujo_gram a few years back!
  • Mixed leaves – Maple leaves are not the only pretty leaves during the autumn months. I’ve seen many mixed leaves themes over the past few years and all of them felt so different! This is one of those themes where you can be really creative with colours! Make sure to take a look at @littleolivebujo and @midnightdreamreads their themes, as well as the bright and fun ones below!
  • Pumpkins – The most popular product to eat as well as decorate with during the autumn season are pumpkins. They make a pretty amazing bullet journal theme as well! I’ve seen both orange and pink pumpkin themes and my favourites are definitely by @journalsbyclara and @thizidizi.bujo.
  • Mushrooms – One of the themes that is still high on my “themes to make” list is a mushroom theme. I always love seeing these from other creators! Some of my favourites are from @kc.bujo, @lalipop.lettering and @plinthced.
  • Trees – A trees theme has been on my to make list ever since I saw this beautiful theme from @cynthiabujo Some more inspiration from @myrthesbujo and @jennyjournals.

Loving The Food

The next category will be all about food, well drinks mostly! The best autumn days are the ones where I’m on the couch during a rainy day and enjoying a hot chocolate or cup of tea!

  • Tea – If you’re a tea lover like me this is a great theme idea! I’ve made a tea theme back in 2019 and had the best time creating it! Make sure to take a look at @plslars his theme and my own theme from 2019 @miloe.joanne.
  • Coffee – More into coffee? A coffee theme is just as fun to make a tea theme and is in general very similar. For some inspiration take a look at @amandarachlee, @journalwithkate and @journalawrence.
  • Candy Corn – I believe candy corn is a popular halloween sweet in the US and is often used in cute bullet journal themes! The colours of this candy are very bright and make a perfect colour pallette! For some inspiration take a look at the themes from @letteringwithleni and @artsy_mess.

Cozy Things

Autumn is all about cozy days, drinks, and things to do, which is also my favourite thing about this time of year!

  • Hygge – is a Danish concept and it means to create a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things with good people. Things that are considered hygge are for example warm candle light, cosy reading a book etc. Many people created a hygge theme in the past few years, my favourites are from @blossom_bujo and @junnisunxiaomei.
  • Candles – I’m always so excited when it’s the time of the year to light candles again. Life just feels so cosy with them! I haven’t seen any candle themes yet but it sounds like a cool autumn theme to create! Make sure to tag me when you do!
  • Books – you have to create a book theme at least once in your life when you’re a book lover like me. Both @thizidizi.bujo and @thuys.bujo created an amazing books theme.
  • Cats – when the weather gets gloomy my cat Simba searches for a cosy spot on my lap again. It’s always so cosy, warm and cute when he wants to cuddle. Make sure to take a look at @lisanplan her cat theme.
  • Knitting – I saw some knitting themes and immediately fell in love with this idea. It’s absolutely perfect for the autumn/winter time make sure to take a look at @stationerynat, and @ip_bujo their themes.
  • Baking – The best autumn activity in my optinion is baking. The smell of fresh cookies or apple pie makes me smile even on a rainy day. Make sure to take a look at @art_n_foxes, @journalsbyclara, and @bujobycrystal their baking themes for some inspiration!
  • Gilmore Girls – one of those shows that I binge every autumn. Seriously the most cosy shows and I can’t wait to rewatch it again. Both @sunshine.journal and @raesdailypage made an amazing Gilmore Girls theme.

Rainy & Cold Days

With all the rainy days in the Netherlands, some outerwear couldn’t miss in this blog post!

  • Scarfs – I’m so in love with this scarf theme by @lalipop.lettering and I can’t wait to try it out soon. The colours and doodles in this theme are perfect for autumn!
  • Hats – Most of the time it is still quite warm in the autumn months but during the colder days it’s defenitely time for a hat! I haven’t seen any hat themes yet but it sounds like a cool autumn theme to create! Make sure to tag me when you do!
  • Umbrella’s – Unfortunatelly autumn in the Netherlands mostly means lots and lots of rain. Time to get your umbrella’s out of storage for some bullet journal inspiration! I’ve created an umbrella theme back in 2019, which you can find here but @jils_journal also created an amazing umbrella theme last year.
  • Lanterns – I saw these amazing lantern themes by @jils_journal and @marthasjournal, which are perfect for autumn!

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October is the month of Halloween and even though we don’t celebrate this in the Netherlands I decided to give you some inspiration anyway!

  • Halloween – A halloween theme can’t miss in October right? Make sure to get some inspiration from @kim_artventures and @wildeyesbujo.
  • Potions – One of my favourite autumn themes is defenitely a potions theme make sure to take a look at some inspiration from @plinthced and @jennyjournals and my own theme, which is shown below!
  • Ghosts – A ghost theme can be either scary or cute and I vant wait to see what you create with this idea! For some inspiration take a look at @lafondari and Pypah’s Art.
  • Astronomy – I was immediately in love with these astronomy themes by @lafondari and @art_n_foxes!
  • Dark Academia – I’ve seen more and more bullet journalists create dark academia theme and wow!! They all look so amazing! Take a look at the dark academia themeby @plinthced for some inspiration.
  • Bears – Not so scarry but I saw this very cute bear theme by @bujostephf and I just had to add it to this blog post!

I hope this blog post gave you some inspiration and make sure to leave a comment if you have more great autumn bullet journal theme ideas!

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