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The best August 2021 Bullet Journal Themes

It’s time again to share (in my opinion) the best August bullet journal themes of 2021. I took a little social media break in July and was so excited to see everyone’s new themes this month. I had more than enough beautiful themes to choose from for this blog post but I decided on these 10! Make sure to give their spreads some love and take a look at their socials!

Summer Vibes

Let’s start with this sailboat theme by @bulletjournal_by_danique, which gives me some great summer vibes. The bright colours and theme give me a flashback to my summer holiday on the coast. I always love the bright and fun theme ideas from Danique and can’t wait to see some autumn themes from her!

The second theme that I want to show you gives me more of a tropical summer vibe. I’m absolutely loving the colours of this coconut theme by @andiajournals. Andia has been sharing her bullet journal pages since the start of this year and her themes are getting better and better, make sure to take a look at her account!

Just Keep Swimming

Of course, I can’t forget about all the beautiful ocean themed bullet journal themes this month! This first one is created by the one and only @pagesbyamy, who you’ve probably heard of before. Amy is a very popular bullet journal Instagrammer due to her amazingly detailed themes and I can say the same about this one. I love her little whale doodles and all the little bubbles and borders totally finish the theme!

The second ocean theme that I picked is by @jjournalfairy, which is so different from the previous one that I showed! I love the line art style of Julia’s cover spread and I can only imagine how much time that must’ve taken. I also absolutely love the blue markers that she’s picked because they match beautifully!

Warm and Cozy

Not into the bright and colourful themes for August but want to see something warm instead? This desert theme by @willbujofor.treats is perfect for you. I’m absolutely loving the scrapbook style of Abby her pages this month! If you’re not that good at drawing or simply don’t enjoy it, a scrapbook-style theme like this is perfect!

As a coffee lover, I had to add this coffee theme by @journalawrence! I never would’ve guessed that orange and blue could look so good together but wow! I’m loving these colours!! This theme is not only perfect for August but would be amazing during the autumn months as well! Lawrence makes these amazingly bright and fun themes every month so make sure to take a look at his account!

It’s All In The Details

Gardening is one of my hobbies and especially during summer, it’s so enjoyable to pick your own fruits and vegetables! This gardening theme by @teanbujo brought an instant smile to my face. I love how she drew all the gardening attributes and how detailed they are! The little orange tree on her one line a day spread is probably my favourite! If you love the doodle style of Tea just as much as I do, make sure to take a look at her Instagram page because all of her themes are gorgeous!

When I saw this … theme by @ellie.and.bujo I was immediately in love. According to Ellie, her theme is a combination of astrology/astronomy/celestial vibes and I couldn’t agree more. The details in the moon on her cover spread are just everything and I can’t wait to add this theme idea to my “themes to make” list! Ellie has been bullet journaling for a few years now but started sharing her spreads on Instagram at the beginning of the year! It’s so good to see new faces in the community, make sure to give her some love!

Last but not least

I didn’t know under which category/header to post these next two themes. This first one by @gemini.journl who chose a simple theme for her holiday break! This theme is great if you look for something simple to create but colourful and fun! Make sure to take a look at Gin’s Instagram because she is also great at making more detailed themes!

The last theme in this blog post is a lantern theme by @marthasjournal! I love the combination between this light and calm colour with all the detailed black lanterns. These must’ve taken such a long time to create but the outcome is stunning!

I hope that you got some inspiration from these amazing creators and don’t forget to take a look at their Instagram accounts! See you next time!

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