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Stationery haul #2

Do you know that feeling? When you just can’t help yourself because your favourite stationery items are on sale? Or not on sale… I ordered a lot of stationery last month and I know how much you always love to see a haul!

Next to the items I bought, I also received some items from brands for free. I’m highlighting them because I want to and not because I was asked to!!

Too Many Pens?

Tobow dual tip brush pens haul

I think that I’m allowed to say that I’m obsessed with pens. I am the proud owner of 300 pens and would like to add many more. This month I felt a bit stuck with the colour options I had. I was searching for some new ones that would compliment my March bullet journal theme. Some new Tombow dual tip brush pens were on top of my shopping list. I finally decided on nine colours (why are they so expensive?!).

Zig scroll and brush swatches

Then I suddenly found these Zig scroll and brush pens on sale for 50% off, such a bargain. We, Dutch people, love a bargain! I already owned some of the Zig Fudebiyori pens and absolutely love those, so I was confident that these zig pens would be great as well. I wasn’t wrong, I love these brush pens! They are very smooth to write with and the muted colours are just gorgeous. I’m currently contemplating if I should just order all the other colours as well.

Cork Bullet Journal

Last month I received this beautiful cork journal, which was gifted to me from the ink pot! I wasn’t sure how I would feel about the material but was really interested to try it out. Let me tell you, the cork cover of this journal is incredibly soft and doesn’t give me an ick at all, which was what I was afraid for. Not only the cover is soft but the paper was a true surprise as well, the paper is SO soft!

When you order the journal there are multiple options regarding the stamp and foil colour on the outside. The pages of the cork journal all have an golden edge to them so I decided on this golden foil and a simple flower stamp. Another possibility it to add initials to the cover but I rather had a stamp like this. I’m so grateful that the inktpot has sent me this journal, and I can’t wait to work in it!

Notebook Therapy Stencils

The last item that I received were these bullet journal stencils by Notebook Therapy! The stencils come in a box with six tick plastic stencils. The stencils have endless possibilities, from tackers to cute shapes to create an entire theme. I’ll be uploading a review of these next month to show you all the possibilities!

Notebook Therapy stencils

If you’re interested in buying one of these materials, make sure to take a look at my discount codes page before you order!

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