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September 2021 | Mushroom Bullet Journal Theme In Pictures

September wasn’t an easy bullet journal month for me. I picked a theme pretty early but pressured myself so much to create something original that I kept changing my spreads. I filmed my September plan with me video and absolutely hated every spread, so I did something that I had never done before. A few days before the month started I changed my entire theme from a book theme to a mushroom theme.
I had to create my spread pretty quickly, which is something I notice when I look at my spreads. However, I’m really happy that I decided to change my theme completely. I was much happier with the look and feel of this theme and it felt much more fitting to my current mood. 

The warm and orange toned colours immediately made me excited for autumn. September was probably the hottest month here in the Netherlands, so a summer theme would’ve been nice as well! There is just that moment where you’re ready for the next season, sometimes it comes early and sometimes it doesn’t come at all. This time it already came in august for me. 

I’ve talked more than enough by now so I’ll just start showing you all the spreads that I’ve made this month!

Cover spread

I kept my cover spread really simple since I was in a little bit of a rush. This simple layout worked perfectly for the mushroom doodles! 

One of the spreads that I did love this month was my quote page. I just love the colours and simple lettering and somehow it was exactly what I needed at the beginning of this month!

Mood And Content Trackers

My absolute favourite spread is my mood tracker this month! I just love all the little mushrooms and filling this spread was a treat every day! 

Weekly Spreads 

The first two weeklies that I made for this month were actually running task list spreads! I had a lot to do before starting my new job halfway through this month. A running task list spread is always my favourite to use when I have a lot of things to do! 

Something that I tried as well, was to share more filled in spreads, which is something that I tried mainly for my weekly spreads. It’s always much more fun to see spreads like this filled so I’m trying my best! 


I had a new approach to journaling this month, I was a bit tired of my old layout so it tried something new. A weekly column for a weekly summary. The mushroom doodles worked perfectly on top of this spread! 

I also tried a month in pictures kind of layout, which I absolutely loved using this month! When I have workweeks I won’t have enough pictures for this but I might incorporate this in my weeklies during the weekend days! 

I hope that you liked seeing my September mushroom bullet journal theme! If you want more mushroom bullet journal inspiration, make sure to take a look at this blog post!

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