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Review: Tombow Watercoloring Set Floral

Whether you are a bullet journal newbie or not, I’m almost certain that you’ve heard of the Tombow dual tip brush pens before. They are markers with a brush tip on one side and a normal marker tip on the other side. They are great for quote pages but the pointing tip also makes them easy for colouring things in. I owned a few of the brush pens before buying this pack, but since they are quite expensive I only buy colours I really want. All five of the colours from this pack were on my wishlist, and I was interested in the water brush pen included in this pack. Overall a good reason to buy myself a little gift!

Package content

Flatlay of the content

The Tombow floral watercoloring set includes the following:

  • 5 Tombow ABT dual brush pens (192, 757, 772, 910 & 991)
  • 1 Waterbrush with a medium tip
  • 1 Fineliner MONO drawing pen 03
  • 1 Pencil MONO 100
  • 1 Eraser MONO dust catch
  • 1 Blending palette
  • A watercoloring guide

Brush Pen Swatches

The colours of the brush pens are beautiful, but that’s what I expect from Tombow. There is a good variety of pink, with light and dark tones. I like that they also added a green and yellow in the pack, this makes it complete to create the flowers and a bit more versatile.

Watercolour flowers

Since the pack is marketed to make watercolour flowers with, I had to try this myself. I tried blending with my Tombow markers before, but I never actually made a painting with them. I did use Strathmore watercolour paper to paint on.

First of all, I loved the water brush pen! I didn’t have to press to push the water out but a nice amount came out on its own. I tried different techniques making this flower. I used the blending pallet to blend or to get a watered-down colour on my brush, and I used the pens directly on the paper to go over it with the water brush pen. Compared to other water brush pens I used this one was very easy to work with.

Next to the materials I already discussed, there was also a fineliner, pencil and eraser. The eraser is really nice and soft, it erases well and almost no dust comes on your paper. The fineliner and pencil work fine, not different from any other I used before.

Overall I really like this pack, I think it is nice that there are different kind of materials in there and not only the Tombow dual tip brush pens. I am happy that I bought it and feel like I will use the materials very often, I especially like the water brush pen, which is also sold separately. I bought my set at Pipoos where it sells for 29,99 euro’s.

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