Ebook: Bullet Journaling For Beginners

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The ebook has a total of 13 pages and is free to download. It is a pdf download, so you’ll be able to read and save it anywhere.


I remember being so excited and enthusiastic when I started my first bullet journal in January 2018. Then came the scary part, actually making a page. I had probably watched a hundred YouTube videos by then, forgot half of it and didn’t know where to start anymore.

So to spare you all those hours I combined all my knowledge in one book. It’s originally made for total newbies, but I also talk about inspiration, motivation and supplies. How I make layout decisions and how I like to journal but also all the other different journaling styles. From simple pages set-ups and using one colour, to painting and exploring your creativity.

1 review for Ebook: Bullet Journaling For Beginners

  1. Gitti

    Wow, I‘m a fresh beginner 👍🏻 Thank you so so much 🥰

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