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Plan With Me March 2021 | Fashion Magazine

I was in for a change this month, a more challenging theme and a different picture background. I’m always in love with the spreads from Lisa (@aurabujos), who makes these amazing fashion doodles in her weekly spreads! Make sure to take a look at her Instagram page! I decided to make a fashion magazine theme with lot’s of fashion line art and colours!

Loving the stripes

I’ve been using a lot of stripes lately! Not on purpose but every time the stripes seem to finish the page and make such a difference. In this case the stripes were the perfect addition of colour.

My March colour palette consists mostly of Tombow dual tip brush pens in the colours: 025, 158, 703 and 553. The purple tone is a ZIG scroll and brush in the colour 801 Aubergine. I really enjoyed this colour palette because all the colours are so different from each other, bright and colourful!

Weekly Spreads

I tried so many different weekly layouts this month. Like I said in my intro, I was inspired by @aurabujos and recreated one of her weekly spreads! I honestly had the best time making these and filling them in, I’m definitely going to make some interesting weekly layouts again next month!

Creative extra’s

I always make some extra pages, which I call creative extra’s. Extra trackers and creative spreads, such as quote pages and this month a lettering page! I had never made a lettering page before and I loved creating this! The black lettering that I’m using throughout the month is inspired on the Didot lettertype, which is used in famous fashion magazines. I think that this really added something to the theme!

Monthly trackers

of course I couldn’t forget to show you my filled in trackers for this month! I tried some different layouts and surprisingly really liked them! What was your favourite March tracker spread?

If you want to see more of this theme like my trackers and monthly spread, then make sure to take a look at my Instagram page! Make sure to send me a DM or E-mail with any recreations because I would love to see them!

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