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Plan With Me February 2021 | Music Theme

February is such a challenging month when it comes to picking a new bullet journal theme! Asking you guys for help on my Instagram stories is always so useful. Honestly, you come up with the best theme ideas EVER! This was also the case with my February theme, one of you recommended a music theme and I instantly fell in love with this idea. If you would like to see more pictures or videos of my February theme, you can look at my Instagram account @miloe.joanne for more!

We all make mistakes

Yes, even I make mistakes and this month started with a big one! I was almost finished with my cover spread design, when I removed my washi tape it took the entire top layer of my cover with it. After taking a little break and a few deep breaths I decided to make a different cover spread. I had a new idea and in the end, I think this mistake was just meant to be. Seeing all the different doodles on this page makes me so happy.

February Music bullet journal theme

Original tracker designs

For the first time in forever, I tried a completely different layout for both my mood and habit tracker. My habit tracker normally is a simple box with the days of the month, which I can cross off or colour in. This time I did something else. I saw this amazing design from @diaryjournalbook, which was a habit tracker layout that looks like a piano, SO COOL!

No colours for my mood tracker this time because I went for a black and white music note doodle! This was so fun for a change! Only I have to admit that I just love colouring things in and next month I’ll probably go back to some colours instead of doodles.

Weekly spreads

This month I didn’t find any inspiration for my weekly spreads. Normally these are the first ones on my mind, but this month there was just emptiness. I took some of my own inspiration and recreated some spreads that I knew would work for me. Comment your favourite weekly spread down in the comments!

Thank you so much for reading this blogpost. If you need more inspiration, make sure to check out my other blogposts!

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