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Plan with me April 2021 | Pots and Plants

Even though May has already began, I still wanted to share my entire April bullet journal theme on here. This was probably ons of my favourite themes EVER! Creating and filling in all of my pages was so exciting and brought a smile to my face every time. April was the month where I shared my first ever plan with me YouTube video, which was really exciting for me. To be honest my YouTube journey couldn’t have started with a better theme. As a huge plant lover this theme has been on my creative to do list for a while now, but I never got the courage to make it. All the excitement aside, let me show you my April 2021 pots and plants theme bullet journal set-up!

April pots and plants cover

Starting with the basics

I kept my basic spreads really simple this month, this felt perfect for the muted colour scheme and left me with a lot of room work. April had five weeklies, which means that I was able to make a monthly spread with separate boxes. This is one of my favourite monthly layouts, so I was happy that this worked out for April as well. On the other side of my dutch door monthly spread, I added my goals tracker, this layout is inspired by @mochibujo and works perfect to reach my goals. Visible on my monthly spread pictures is also my content planner and feed spread. I use this spread to plan my posts and keep a picture of my feed in my journal. It’s always so exciting to see an entire themes feed!

Weekly spreads

I made five weeklies for April, which I all loved. I had a couple of months where I didn’t use my weeklies much and didn’t feel them at all. This month was totally different, my weeklies are all full and thoroughly used.


Of course my tracker spreads couldn’t miss in this post. For my mood tracker, I made shelves with pots to colour according to my mood.

My habit trackers are a bit different than normal. I used this system to place a checkmark in the coloured dot representing the day of the week. I loved this idea and I don’t think that I’ll be going back to another method soon. I kept my playlist really simple without any album pictures. I love the lettering, which is made with a stencil from @bulletjournal_by_danique. You can send her a DM if you’re interested.

Quote pages

I added not one, but two quote pages this month. A little plant quote couldn’t miss but I also wanted to focus on something positive, so this second quote was perfect.

Click here to watch my April plan with me video and make sure to take a look at my Instagram page as well to see all of my other April spreads.

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