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Paperwrld stationery review

I don’t often collaborate with brands that sell this big of an arrangement of stationery items. When Paperwrld contacted me I was hesitant at first. This was until I discovered that they sold many items that had been on my wish list for a while. Are these items worth it or not?

This blog post is part of a collaboration, I received these items for free. I’m allowed to give my honest opinion of these products.

Paper cutting

as you know there are many methods to cut paper, the most known is obviously with scissors. I loved this golden scissor on the Paperwrld website so this definitely had to go into my basket. The scissor is sharp and I like that the tip is very pointy, which allows me to make sharp corners. Another method that is used for bigger cuts of paper is a cutting board like this black one that I got. The cutting board comes with an additional five knives. I wish that the knives were a bit sharper since they sometimes struggle with thicker paper: 120 gsm and over. I don’t have these issues with thinner paper.

an item that has been on my wish list for such a long time is a corner cutter. This corner cutter has three different size options in one. I’ve used this multiple times already and it’s really easy to use. Perfect for when I make mistakes in my bullet journal and use a separate piece of paper to cover it up. Now I can finally round the edges to make the paper fit the notebook edge.

Creative stamps

There is a wide arrangement of stamps available on the Paperwrld website, so I had to order some of them! I decided on this set of plant stamps. I love how the plants can be combined with the bottle and bell jar stamps in this set. Next to these plant stamps I also ordered this dictionary stamp with the explanation of the word story. This one is perfect for my reading journal!

Stamping is obviously not possible without any ink pads, so I ordered two. The black ink feels a bit watery and doesn’t turn out as black as I would have liked on paper. The gold looks amazing on paper. I wasn’t sure how glittery this one would be but it definitely shines on paper!

Alphabet Stamps

These alphabet stamps looked amazing on the website with the vintage box they come in. There are both uppercase and lowercase letters in this box, together with numbers and special characters. The box looks beautiful and makes sure that the stamps are all stored nicely. The stamps are easy to get out of the box and are easy to use. I’m not always good with stamps and it was not difficult to get this next to each other in a straight line.

Sketchbook & Washi

The last two items that I ordered are this sketchbook and washi tape set. The sketchbook has cream pages, not sure how many gsm. The paper is a bit thin since stamps and writing ghost on the back. Overall a nice sketchbook but nothing really special. The washi tape set however is very cute. I love that there are some solid colours, patterns and different sizes. The set comes in quite a lot of colour options, I am loving the warm tones in this one.

That’s it! All the products that I received from Paperwrld. Make sure to take a look at their amazing Instagram account and website!

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