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Oxford My Journal Review

AD – For this post I collaborated with Oxford, I received this notebook with the request of writing a review.

This week Oxford launched their new bullet journal based planner: the Oxford My Journal. I am honoured to be one of the first people to try out this notebook. I always enjoy trying out new notebooks, and over the years I’ve definitely tried a few. When the notebook arrived I was quite surprised that it had a framework already. I imagined it to be an empty notebook, but it has pre-printed pages as well as empty ones. According to Oxford ”a basic framework in case you find a blank page intimidating and graphic guidelines to help you get started”. Should be a great bullet journal for beginners, people with less time on their hands, but a journal with the ability to be creative. Now onto the important things.

– Some specifications –

The size of the journal is 150 x 210 mm, which is a perfect size. It has 288 numbered pages, which fit a full year. All the pages have a dotted grid (5 x 5 mm), even the pre-printed pages. I always enjoy having a dotted grid to make sure I write neatly within lines or as a guideline for doodles. The journal has 100 gsm ivory coloured paper, as well as coated paper! FINALLY, a journal with coated paper again. Lastly, the journal has three bookmark ribbons, a back pocket and elastic closure.

– Paper –

Oxford my journal paper swatch papier

For me, the most important aspect of a journal is paper quality. The journal has 100 gsm paper, which isn’t very thick, but due to the ivory colour of the paper, the ghosting is not that bad. At first, I was afraid that the colours wouldn’t be as bright due to the ivory paper but luckily all the colours look great on it.

The absolute best thing about this notebook is the coated paper, the paper feels soft, is extremely nice to write on and colours dry up amazingly. Not only is coated paper nice for the looks, but it also keeps your pens nice for longer. Scroll further down for an extensive pen test!

Some pictures of the pre-printed pages you can find in the journal. Yearly set-up, monthly spread, monthly habits/to-do and weekly spreads.

– Pentest –

A journal review can’t be complete without a pen test. Like I mentioned earlier, colours dry up great. All my pens looked and felt great while using them, also due to the coated paper. The fourth and fifth layer of marker had a little bit more trouble by breaking the paper but this is normal. Watercolours also work just fine in this journal, when you use a lot of water it takes quite a bit of time to dry, but the paper doesn’t crumple that much!

– My Creations –

Now onto my own creations in this journal. At the beginning of February, I started my internship. When I received this journal I immediately thought that it would be perfect to use for my internship. During these months I will be struggling with time, but due to a lot of assignments, planning is a priority. I have always loved the bullet journal method and by using a future, monthly and weekly set-up my head stays clear and it keeps me aware of the most important tasks. I used my February leaf design for all my weeklies, it’s a quick way to brighten up your journal! Next to this, I also made a master to-do list since I find them great to use when things get hectic.

Oxford my journal weekly spread


After all these pictures, you probably have noticed the little squares in the corners of each page. This is because the journal is compatible with their SCRIBZEE app where you can store and access your notes from any device at any time.

– Conclusion –

I think this journal will be great for anyone who likes the bullet journal method to plan with. I always struggled with being creative, and this journal gives you the opportunity to use your favourite planning method and explore your creativity. For me, this journal won’t be able to replace my good old empty notebook, but I think it’s a great option if you prefer pre-printed journals.

The journal is €14,50 and available here. Comment down below if you ever used a pre-printed journal!

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