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Notebook Therapy Tsuki Core Washi Tape Review

The products used for this blog post were kindly gifted to me by Notebook Therapy. These were a gift and I was not required to do anything with the products given. This means that the opinion in this blog post is my own and not influenced by the brand itself.

Washi tape is a staple in the stationery collection of almost every bullet journalist. I have to admit that I don’t use washi tape much in my bullet journal, but I LOVE using it in my book journal! Washi tape and stickers are the easiest methods to make a simple spread look beautiful.

A few weeks ago the Notebook Therapy was kind enough to send me their Tsuki core collection set in warm neutral and I was very interested in trying them out!

Tsuki Core Collection

The Tsuki core collection is meant to be great for every season of the year due to the versatile patterns. There are three different sets available: pastel, warm neutral and cool neutral. All contain the same patterns just in different colours. The pastel set is the only set with more than 2 different coloured washi tapes. The warm neutral and cool neutral contain two different colours. The sets all contain the following patterns:

  • colour block tapes
  • grid
  • plaid
  • gingham
  • Argyle check
  • Flags

I picked the warm neutral set since my favourite themes to make are often with a warm colour palette. I made a little swatch page on my Instagram reels and I’ll show you the outcome down below!

First of all, I love the colours in this set so much! It’s true that these will work for every season but I think they will look best during the Spring or Autumn! The quality of the washi is great, they tear nicely and they stick really good but not too much. At first, I was a little sad that there was no washi tape with a solid colour, however, the colour block tape works perfectly instead! The colour block tape used the same colour in different shades of light and dark. It matches perfectly and gives the feeling of using something new every time.

The Price

As you can tell I’m really happy with these washi tapes and I think that this is a great set! Now onto the price. The set costs 20,18 euro’s which sounds like a lot, but when you calculate it to the price per roll it really isn’t. There are twelve washi tape rolls in the set, which means that each roll costs 1,68 euros. I think this is a very reasonable price!

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I hope that you liked reading this quick review about the Notebook Therapy washi tape. Want to know my opinion on their Tsuki bullet journal notebooks? Make sure to read my review about them here!

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