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My NEW 2021 Yearly Bullet Journal Set-up

Happy first of January! I’m so excited to finally share my 2021 bullet journal set-up! I made my pages at the end of November, so I’ve been keeping this a secret for quite some time now. Compared to other bullet journal creators, I don’t use a lot of yearly pages. I appreciate the basics, such as a future log, yearly at a glance and grid spacing. All the other pages are just ones I like as an extra. I’ll keep this short, so let’s get to my set-up!

Doodles and colours

Yearly - hello 2021

I always start the new year with a little doodle page like this. It’s simple but sets the tone for the entire set-up. The markers that I used for my entire beginning set-up are the Kuretake Zig Fudebiyori in the colour 034 – dull blue and an Arteza Twimarker in the colour A107 – denim blue. For the golden accents, I used the Sakura gelly roll.

Yearly planning spreads

I can’t make a yearly set-up without a quote page! Some important words to focus on during the year. This time I went for the quote: ‘a fresh start isn’t a new place, it’s a new mindset’. 2020 was all about mindset and since 2021 will a challenging year for me, this felt like the perfect quote! The first planning spread I made is my yearly at a glance, I always use this page when making my monthly spreads. Besides, this page always looks so satisfying all done! Clear wrapping paper is one of my favourite things to use in my journal lately. I really wanted to use it in my beginning set-up so I added it as a separator between pages.

Just like every year I added a future log, this is one of the most important pages in my journal, since it makes planning much easier. Instead of making a vertical set-up, which I normally do, I decided to try something new this time. For the first time ever I’m trying a horizontal future spread layout.

Yearly trackers

Next up is my grid spacing guide, which is a great tool to make spreads with. All my repeatedly used layouts are in here, so I don’t have to count all the dots again when I’m making a new spread! The last few posts that I made for my yearly set-up are my tracker spreads. I’m keeping my Instagram tracker mostly the same as last year, tracking my followers and milestones. However, I have added a box for my best spreads of this year!

The last two pages include my expenses tracker and book tracker. On my expenses tracker, I’m tracking my final savings of the year and my expenses. I really want to focus on saving more money this year, so I hope that this helps! I’m also trying a different book tracker layout, where I can write the book titles and give them star ratings!

I’m curious, what spreads did you make for your new set-up?

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