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My New 2020 Journal Set-Up

It’s almost June, which means it was time to set-up my new bullet journal! Over the last few years, I’ve been working my way up, bullet journal wise. Starting with cheap, low-quality journals, but now it was finally time to buy an Archer and Olive notebook. Since I have to fit seven months in this one, I chose a journal with 192 pages. In case you’re interested, I bought mine at 24papershop.

I always find making my beginning pages one of the most exciting, but difficult things to do. It was such a struggle to decide on a theme/colour scheme for this new set-up. Then I finally saw @jennyjournals her 2020 bullet journal set-up and I fell in love with her doodles! The only thing left was choosing a colour scheme. Normally, I go for neutral colours, but I was totally over it and wanted something with a lot of colours. After 2 weeks (no I’m not exaggerating) I finally made the decision to go for some pink/red tones! So let’s get to the pages I made!

Starting with my first pages, just a simple starting page inspired by @jennyjournals her 2020 journal set-up and a yearly at a glance! I had to make a new yearly at a glance page. Next to the fact that these are so aesthetically pleasing, they are also very useful! Lastly, to bring some positivity I always like to add a quote in my new set-up, this one from @morganharpernichols immediately caught my eye!

Next up was my future spread, which you might have seen on my Instagram page already! Just like I did at the beginning of this year, I divided it into different subjects. To be honest, I haven’t used my future spread as much the past couple of months, due to not having as many plans. Hopefully I will be able to fill this one completely!

A grid spacing guide is, in my opinion, the most useful spread to use when you’re starting a new journal. Counting all the rows in your journal and finding the centre, will already save a lot of time. When you frequently use some set-ups, put them in the grid guide, this way you will never have to count again!

In the set-up I made earlier this year I made an Instagram growth tracker and it was such a nice way to capture all my milestones! The little doodles up top are for my following count every month. I tracked this last year, but totally forgot about it! The bigger doodles are for my milestone or things I want to remember!

Something I also want to work on the upcoming months is saving. After making a budget plan in May, I want to start saving for different items. I now know how much money I need for which expenses, and how much I need to save for it each month! I really hope that this tracker will help me reach my saving goals!

This book tracker is one of my favourite spreads from my beginning set-up. I really like reading, but just never give myself the time to do it. During summer I always read more, but I hope that this tracker gives me the extra push to read more after the holidays! Comment a book that you think should be on my list to read this summer!

Lastly, my goal planners for the upcoming months. I have so many ideas on my mind and I hope that with these goal pages, they will become more clear and easy to plan! The final page I made is my 2020 themes tracker. I have never made one of these before, but I hope to track all my themes in here, by adding the doodles I made for each month! Which brings this blog post to the end, I hope you enjoyed seeing all my set-up pages and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram!

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