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My honest opinion of the Paperang P2 thermal printer

Notice that these products are kindly gifted to me by Paperang print for a collaboration. The fact that these products are gifted to me doesn’t mean that my opinion is any different or more positive. I try to look at the products as unbiased as possible.

A few weeks ago I received the Paperang P2 printer in my mailbox. I had been looking at thermal printers for a while now since I wanted to incorporate more personal pictures in my bullet journal spreads.

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The thermal printing method

If you don’t know anything about thermal printers, then let me explain. The major difference between normal printers and thermal printers is that the pictures from thermal printers always one colour. Depending on the paper you’re buying, there are several colour options, the most common is black. Thermal printers work with heating elements instead of ink.

There are two different kinds of thermal printers: direct thermal printers and thermal transfer printers. The thermal transfer printers are often used at large industrial companies. The Paperang printers are what’s called direct thermal printers. This is the best method for personal and small scale use. For this method, the paper is chemically-treated and darkens when heated by a thermal print head. This method is also used for receipts, shipping labels etc.

The only downside of this method is that the durability of the printed pictures can vary. When exposed to light, heat and when time passes the pictures can turn darker. The paper from Paperang lasts 10 years and are meant to be fade resistant over that time. This, of course, is something that I haven’t been able to check, so maybe in a year or a few years time, I can give you an update!

The printer and printing paper

Paperang offers an arrangement of thermal printers in different sizes and printing quality. The P2 printer has a lot of choice regarding paper types. Paperang offers normal white paper rolls, white or coloured sticker paper and even semi-transparent sticker paper. There are a lot of options all depending on your own preferences. With each P2 printer, there is one roll of white paper added in the package. I received both the white and semi-transparent sticker paper in my order next to the white paper roll, which was in the printer already. The paper feels soft and has a nice quality. My favourite so far is the white sticker paper.

It was a bit difficult to change the paper rolls since the instructions were correctly displayed for my white paper and semi-transparent paper. However, I had to place my white sticker paper the other way around, either the instructions for this were wrong or my paper was rolled up the wrong way around.

Paperang P2 thermal printer review

How does the printing work?

Paperang has developed an app especially for printing, which is the first thing you need to download. The app is available on a lot of devices, which means almost everyone will be able to use it! The first thing to do after downloading the app is to connect the printer through Bluetooth. When the printer is connected, it shows up in the app, and you can start printing right away! There are a lot of different options for text, pictures and even print pictures that were shared by other users.

I have to admit that I was really scared at first that this whole process would be difficult. However, this was definitely not the case. The instruction manual was very easy to understand, and I was ready to print within a minute.

The printing quality

Surprised is the first word that comes to mind when talking about the printing quality. I’ve tried to print a jet-black picture for my playlist spread and it turned out so black and sharp. I was expecting pixels and grey vibes, but this was totally not the case. With lighter pictures, it is sometimes easier to see the pixels and the quality then is less in comparison to a normal printer. As a comparison, I printed the same 3 pictures on the normal paper (top) white sticker paper (middle) and semi-transparent sticker paper (bottom) just to compare the quality.

The colours are the most saturated on the normal white paper. On this picture, the differences look significant, but this is not entirely true. In real life, there aren’t many differences between the paper types in colour.

Different paper types and looks Paperang

Pros and cons


  • Very easy to use, the connection with Bluetooth works great and the app is easy to use and understand
  • Size, the printer is really small and easy to travel with
  • Picture quality, the quality of the printed pictures are great
  • Lots of paper options to choose from
  • I love the designs of all their printers, they look clean, professional and give the feeling of a luxury product


  • Only prints in black and white, which isn’t an issue for me but I understand that it might be for some people
  • The picture durability doesn’t last a lifetime

Is it worth the money

The full price of the P2 printer is €150,00 however, Paperang often has a sale or you can use my discount code, which is at the bottom of this blog post. In my opinion, this printer is definitely worth the price. The printer feels strong and I’m confident that this will last me years. To make sure that I wouldn’t break the printer by dropping it or travelling I’m using a case. The cases are also available on the Paperang website and fit perfectly around the printer.

Discount code

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  • Camilla Hua
    07/04/2021 at 03:34

    Hi, thank you so much for the review and the discount 💗

  • Hillary
    07/04/2021 at 08:29

    Would you recommend using it for journaling?

    • Miloe Joanne
      29/04/2021 at 18:13

      Adding pictures to a journal is always a good idea and this is an easy method to add some. However, keep in mind that over time the colour will fade, so if you want to keep long term memories you might want to use a normal printer. 💕

  • Angelica
    31/10/2021 at 11:20

    How are the pictures looking now? Are they faded or are they still ok?


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