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My favourite supplies – Crayola Super Tips

When I started journaling I didn’t want to buy expensive materials. After looking online I decided to buy a 50 pack of Crayola super tips. After 1,5 year of journaling, I decided it was time for some new markers and colours. To have more colour options, I bought a 100 pack on Amazon and I am so happy I did! These markers are my absolute favourite to use in my journal. They are not expensive at all and can be used for colouring and even hand lettering.

The 100 has so many colour options, I almost never miss a colour and the combinations are endless. There is a wide selection from pastel to dark tones and from neutrals to colourful.


I made a swatch page of all the colours in my bullet journal and gave them all a number. On the pictures above you can see I wrote the number on the markers with a waterproof pen. This wasn’t the best idea because of the warmth of your hands the marker fades so I am planning to add a little piece of tape on the bottom to write the number on. By using the number and swatch page I immediately know how colours will look together and I don’t have to swatch every time I want to use a new colour.

Close up crayola super tip

The tip

Lastly, I want to add a little close up of the tip. With the side of the marker, you can draw thick lines and with the top thin lines. This makes the markers also good for hand lettering. It takes a little time to get used to but it works. I will be doing a little tutorial on hand lettering soon!

I bought my Crayola Super Tips 100 pack on Amazon for 20 euros. The price can differ a bit depending on where it is available. Question: What are your favourite bullet journal pens/markers to use?

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