My bright and colourful 2021 Reading Journal Set-up

The blogpost you’ve all been waiting for is finally here. I think some of you were even more excited to see my reading journal than I was for making one! For years I had been contemplating whether I should start a reading journal or not. I always had the idea that the people starting a reading journal had to be passionate book lovers who read at least a hundred books a year. Well, that’s definitely not me… I really enjoy reading, but struggle to grab a book instead of watching a movie or series. After seeing many reading journal videos online, I was just too excited. I told myself that it was okay to read less than a hundred books to start a reading journal and that I just had to have fun with it. 

The notebook that I’m using is a square North Star notebook from Archer and Olive (discount link down below!). I’ve always wanted to try one of these and thought that it would be perfect for a reading journal. Let’s get to my actual set-up!

Hello 2021

Reading journal set-up 2021

I saw many reading journal set-up videos online, there were a lot of simple set-ups and old scrapbook style designs. Which looked beautiful, but are not my style. If you follow me on Instagram and know my bullet journaling style, you must know that I like bright and colourful. I picked a bunch of colours and created a simple book-inspired layout. The first page is this one, indicating the start of a new year. I will be able to fit more years in this notebook, so a dedicated start of the year was important.

The colours that I’ve used for this beginning set-up is one bright pink Crayola Super Tip and the Tombow Dual Tip Brush Pens in the colours:

  • 192
  • 991
  • 761
  • 679
  • 990

Books to read and goals

The next two pages are my books to read in 2021 and goals pages. The first one is a collection of books that I definitely want to read this year. I mean, there are obviously more books that I want to read, but I’m really excited for these ones. Next to this page is my reading goals tracker, reaching goals is always nice and this makes me more aware of the books that I’m reading and the writers.

Book and author trackers

2021 book tracker

A book tracker couldn’t miss in my reading journal. I decided on this simple layout where I can immediately see how many books I’ve read each month, due to the colour code. Just the boxes didn’t feel as enough, so I added a page where I can write down the book title and author. 

fave book of the year and releases

Next up is this page full of boxes, to find my favourite book of the year. I’ll write down my favourite book of each month in the first box. Then the favourites will compete until my favourite book of the year is picked. I saw this idea in the reading journal flip through from Liv’s Library, so make sure to check this out as well! On the other side, I’ve made a releases tracker. I’m not much aware of the books coming this year, but when I spend more time reading, it’s nice to know when a new book is released. I saw the idea of making a releases page with this design in the reading journal set-up from Mackenzie Carhart.

reading trackers

2021 book reading tracker

The last pages of my beginning set-up are my reading trackers, which I’ve now moved from my bullet journal into my reading journal. Each book that I’m reading has a collaborating colour, which will be used in the reading tracker. This way it visible when I’ve read which book.

review pages

Then the most important part, my book reviews. I’m still trying to find out how I like these pages to look and work. These are the three books that I’ve read in January. I would like to add a bit more doodles and less text, but that’s something I need to figure out while creating.

Make sure to tag me in any recreations or reading journal spreads you make, because I would love to see them! Also, make sure to use the code ”miloejoanne” for 10% off your Archer and Olive order.

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