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My 2021 Mid-Year Bullet Journal Set-up In Pictures

I’m so excited to finally share my mid-year bullet journal set-up with you! I always use two bullet journal notebooks during the year, since each one fits six months. For the first six months of 2021, I’ve been using a Notebook Therapy Tuski notebook, which I loved! You can find my review of the notebook right here. For the upcoming months, I decided to go back to an Archer & Olive notebook. They launched an amazingly beautiful spring collection. I picked the peach coloured Solar notebook which looked perfect for summer due to the bright colour.

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Hello New Notebook

The first two pages that I made are just creative beginning pages. Name pages at the beginning of the notebook always look a little boring, so I decided to spice things up. I used my new Archer and Olive Kraft paper notepad throughout my yearly set-up, which fits perfectly with the orange tones!

This is also the first time that I used vellum in my journal! After seeing so many beautiful creations from other artists, I finally decided to buy a pack myself. Printing for the first time was a bit scary since I own an inkjet printer, which requires a longer drying time and has the risk of smudging. I had no issues with this and the simple quote that I picked turned out great!

Planning my year

My yearly bullet journal spreads often consist of a few creative ones, planning pages, and trackers. After the creative pages that I just showed you come my planning pages. I always like to make a yearly at a glance page because I often refer to it when I make a monthly spread! They can be annoying to make because it’s easy to make a mistake here, but I never regret it when the page is finished.

I also decided to add my goals spread here, I’ve kept this one really simple. The idea is to make a list of goals that I want to achieve during the upcoming six months! My most important planning spread is my future log, which I separated into a small box for birthdays and my other activities. This spread is ideal for future planning and at the beginning of each month I transfer my activities from here into my monthly spread.

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Tracker spreads

I have to be really honest because the tracker spreads that I made at the beginning of the year didn’t work for me at all! My tracker spreads remained empty, which is something that I have learned from. I decided to focus my tracker spreads on crossing off milestones instead of writing down each month’s achievements. I think that this method is more exciting and will make sure that I fill them in this time.

The first trackers that I want to show you are my YouTube and Instagram trackers. My Youtube tracker has a thumbnail tracker, where I can add all of my Youtube thumbnails! I think that this page will look so satisfying at the end of the year. Next to my thumbnail tracker I added my Youtube follower tracker. I didn’t count the amount of boxes, so I can track till 1,6K which is ridiculous because I definitely won’t reach that this year! I didn’t want to make the same type of trackers, so I made my instagram tracker in a polaroid style. Both of these trackers will be filled in by adding the date of achievement on the empty space.

The next two pages that I made are actually more of a planning spread for my blog posts. The dutch door will be a collection of all my blog post ideas and the template on the right will contain the dates and blog post that will be published. This gives me a clear overview of everything that is coming.

The last two pages are my movies tracker and grid spacing guide. Instead of a half-empty movies tracker each month, I decided on a two-page yearly movies tracker. The small coloured boxes are for the date and I used some kraft paper for the name of the movie and where I’ve watched it!

A grid spacing guide is ideal when you make a new spread, I especially like to use these for my weekly layouts. My grid spacing contains my most frequently used and favourite spread layouts!

I hope that you liked seeing my entire 2021 mid-year bullet journal set-up! I can’t wait to use it! If you want to see the process of all these pages, make sure to watch my plan with me video here.

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