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Mossery Notebook Review

In July this year, it was time for me to start a new bullet journal notebook. Choosing a notebook is always something I find very difficult. I enjoy trying out new brands, and a Mossery notebook had been on my wish list for a while.

I bought a thread-bound notebook with dotted paper and a galaxy style hardcover. The notebook has one bookmark and an elastic to close the notebook. There are many different cover styles available and all of them look beautiful. Mossery often collaborates with artists to design the covers. They sell thread bound and wire-bound notebooks, I always prefer thread-bound notebooks since I find them easier to write in. All their notebooks are available in dotted, plain and ruled paper. When you order a notebook on the Mossery website you can personalise it with a text on the front cover. I bought my notebook from a Dutch website so my notebook is not personalised.

Some specifications:

  • 100 gsm paper thickness
  • 193 mm x 146 mm (A5)
  • 192 pages

First I want to talk a little bit about the cover of this notebook, as you can see the cover is detachable from the inside notebook. According to Mossery, they did this to make sure the notebook can lay flat without damaging the cover. For me, this is important, since I take pictures of my bullet journal for Instagram. There is a pocket at the front of the journal and the back.

The first pages of the notebook are pre-designed. There is space for a self-portrait, index, inspiration boards, role models, priorities, values & beliefs and achievements. I haven’t used these pages since I prefer to make them myself at the beginning of a new year. In total, this takes 19 pages, so in total, you will have 173 pages to bullet journal.


The most important part of a bullet journal for me is the paper quality. The notebook has 100gsm paper, which is not a lot. The paper is white, which makes the colours pop. The dots are a light grey colour, they are clear to see but not too obvious.

Pen Test – The paper is not coated, this means watercolours won’t work, the paper will soak up the water. Over the months I used a bit of watercolour to test it out but I don’t like the way it ends up looking and blending on the paper is just not possible. I prefer to use Crayola markers and Tombow dual tip brush pens, which both work perfectly fine on the paper. My beloved Tombow Fudenosuke brush pens, on the other hand, did not work, they bleed on the paper, especially the soft tip.


Overall this notebook had many positives for me. I prefer like notebooks with white paper that lay open flat. However, the paper quality was just not great for me. It is a nice notebook to use for people who just like to use markers and pencils but for me even they ghost too much. Also if you enjoy working with watercolours in your journal I wouldn’t choose this notebook. This notebook lasted me half a year and costs 25 USD, I believe there are notebooks on the market with higher quality for the same price or lower. I did enjoy using my Mossery notebook but don’t think I would buy one again for bullet journaling.

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