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Review + How To Use The Archer & Olive Notepads

The items used for this blog post are bought with my own money and not part of a collaboration. This is a review based on my own opinion and is not influenced by other parties. Note that this blog post contains affiliate links and an affiliate discount code.

Archer & Olive is my favourite brand when it comes to stationery. I use their dotted journals for bullet journaling, planning and as a reading journal. The items from Archer & Olive always live up to a quality standard that I like and each item has a luxury feel that awakes my excitement each time that I’m using one of their products. Next to their amazing dotted notebooks I recently fell in love with their notepads.

I currently own two B5 sized notepads with white and kraft paper. I bought the white paper notepad first, at the beginning of 2021 and decided to buy the kraft paper one in June 2021. At the time I went for the B5, simply because it was the only one in stock at that time. However, I discovered some more advantages of buying a B5, which I will mention later in this blog post.

About The Notepads

The Archer & Olive notepads are available in an A5 and B5 size, the second is the biggest. The notepads are available with white, kraft and black dotted paper. Next to this, there is also a Neapolitan with all three of the colours stated above and a rainbow notepad. Each notepad contains 160 pages, which is the same as a normal Archer & Olive notebook.

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Covering Up Mistakes

The first reason why I like the notepads is that they are perfect for covering up mistakes. I know many of you will think the same, which is why you should buy a B5 notepad and not an A5. Confusing right?! Well, let me explain. My thought before buying the notepads was that an A5 would be perfect since the notebooks that I like to use for bullet journaling are also A5. Through a friend, I found out that the A5 paper is not the same size as the A5 in the notebook. If you messed up an entire spread (we’ve all been there) there is no way to cover it up entirely with a paper from your A5 notepad. The B5 notepad is bigger so you’ll have no issue with this, you just have to cut a few inches from each side.

This is one of the main reasons why I would recommend a B5 notepad over an A5. The decision is up to you but if you want to use your notepad to cover up journaling mistakes I would suggest buying a B5.

Swatch Cards

One of the first things that I created with my notepads were these swatch cards of all my markers. The dots make it very easy to make boxes for each colour and the paper is thick and sturdy enough to store and grab whenever you need it.

Something else I do at the beginning of the month is testing my colours and doodles before doing anything in my bullet journal. I even like to make spread ideas on my notepad, as I made in this post to get any ideas out of my head and onto paper.

Perfect For Weekly Spreads

If you’re in need of a simple to-do list or weekly spread the notepad is perfect! There are of course many layout possibilities, in the pictures below I kept it really simple and added some boxes with a white gel pen. The kraft paper notepad works perfectly with both white and black pens. If you’re not into the whole bullet journaling and creating different spreads each month or find this scary or a lot of work, this could be perfect for you. The notepad allows you to be creative but doesn’t give the pressure of a theme, difficult layouts and imperfections. This could be a great first step for a more organised life!

Spread Details

One of the main reasons why I wanted to buy the kraft paper notepad was to use it in my book journal for collages. My book journal is an 8×8 Archer & Olive notebook, which is why the B5 fits much better on these spreads. I love using kraft paper for my spreads since it adds so much warmth! I am actually creating an entire bullet journal theme with kraft paper in my journal this month, so head out to my Instagram page for some inspiration!

Of course, there are many more possibilities with the Archer & Olive notepads like making gift tags, note-taking, to-do lists and more. I hope that I gave you some inspiration on how to use them and helped you pick the notepad that suits you best! Don’t forget to use my discount code when you order!

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