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How To Doodle: Christmas Tree

Last year I really struggled with drawing my Christmas trees. This year I finally got the hang of it and found a way that was easy but also looked nice in the end! For all you beginner bullet journalers or if you just struggle with drawing in general, this would be perfect!

Supplies you need

The only supplies you’ll need are three green markers coloured from light till dark. I used my Crayola super tips for this but any markers will do. Next to this, you’ll need a dark brown marker for the stem of the tree. Also, a gold pen for the star at the top and a pencil to draw rough lines.

How to doodle

The first step is to draw out the rough lines with a pencil. I like to draw a verticle line straight down the middle indicating the height of the tree. After this, I add horizontal lines for the with of the tree. At the top these lines are small and they grow further down the bottom. The last horizontal line should be a little bit smaller again.

After the rough lines are made, you can start with the lightest colour of green. You make quite thick downward strokes and follow the guidelines you made with the pencil before. You do the same with the darker colour of green and finish with the darkest. It does not have to be neat, just go for it! On this picture on the left, you can see the first layer I’ve made and a start of the second layer I started on the top.

I added a little video of me making my Christmas tree, maybe this will help you as well! I mostly use the large side of the Crayola Super Tip to make big strokes.

How the Christmas tree looks after the second and third layers are added.

Lastly, you can add the finishing touches by adding the stem and star at the top. If you want to go the extra mile you can add lights and balls, but you will have to think about where to place them in advance, to make them pop you need space without the green marker.

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