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FREE March Wallpapers

I can’t believe that February is already over. It’s been a while since I last posted. I was struggling with finding my creativity since the beginning of 2020, which happens every once in a while. I just left everything where it was, tried to get my life together and picked up where I left off this last week of February. Then, I remembered how I started bullet journaling and what kind of themes made me enthusiastic. I got back to my simple doodles and patterns, which resulted in this year’s March theme: little rainbows. This month also screamed for a new wallpaper, so here you go.

The wallpapers are FREE and available for phone, tablet and desktop. I made three different versions of rainbows: neutral, pink and red. The neutral and red are pretty much the same but with a hint of red. They are all available with and without a quote. Since I want to focus on self-care this month I found this quote very fitting. The download links are at the bottom of this post.

Phone wallpapers, same designs are available for tablet and desktop.
Pictures from left to right: red, pink and neutral

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