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Archer & Olive Notebook Review

I’ve been bullet journaling for four years now and so far I’ve tried almost every notebook brand that exists. My favourite bullet journal brand is definitely Archer & Olive. I own multiple of their products and love every single one of them. The end of the year is coming, which means many of you (including me) will be searching for a new notebook to use for 2022. I’m writing this review to (hopefully) make the decision a little bit easier. I have more notebook reviews on my blog, so if you want to know my opinion of other notebook brands make sure to take a look at those as well!

The Archer & Olive products that I own at the moment are all bought with my own money. There are no items sponsored in this blog post. This blog post contains affiliate advertisements as discount codes and product links.

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The Notebooks

I almost filled two A&O notebooks over the past few years. The first one that I used is the A5 deep green notebook, which is part of their permanent collection. I used this notebook from June till December 2020. The second notebook is from the 2021 spring collection, which isn’t available anymore. My November and December themes are the last ones that will fit in this one. I’ll be using the forest night notebook for the first six months of 2022, which is a gorgeous black glitter notebook.

The green notebook on the picture has 192 pages and the solar notebook has 160. All A5 Archer & Olive notebooks are available in 160 and 192 pages. I use approximately 22 to 24 pages each month, which is quite a lot. Before you buy a notebook just roughly count how many pages you will need. I ways use two 160 page journals to fit an entire year.

The Archer & Olive journals almost all have a fabric cover. I love the feel of a fabric cover and it gives me much more of a luxurious feel compared to faux leather for example. This is also one of the reasons why I prefer Archer & Olive over other brands. Fabric can get a bit dirty and might be difficult to clean. I’m not very messy and have no problem with stains. I also own a clear cover, which is sold separately in case you’re afraid of stains.

Paper Quality

All Archer & Olive dotted notebooks contain 160gsm paper, which is great. I’m never going back to thinner paper ever again. I haven’t done a pen test for this review, simply because it is useless. No pen will ghost through this paper except for alcohol markers. Many people use their A&O notebooks for watercolour spreads. I’ve tried this a couple of times and this works fine. The paper will crinkle a little bit and it is more difficult to blend watercolours on paper when you compare this to actual watercolour paper.

If you’re always using watercolours for your spreads an A&O notebook isn’t a bad choice! I would also recommend taking a look at the Reverie bullet journals by Mellow Days, which are specially made for watercolours.

As you can see in the pictures above, the paper is white with light grey dots. One of the things that I hate about many other notebook brands is their rough paper and dark dots. This is the total opposite with soft paper and light grey dots. It’s always sad when dark coloured dots completely shine through the doodles or artwork that you created.

All Archer & Olive journals have two ribbons, a pen loop, elastic band and a pocket in the back. To be honest, I never use any of these. I only use the elastic band mostly to store my notebook neatly, but I know many people prefer journals with ribbons or pen loops.


What can I say, I love Archer & Olive and their bullet journals. The quality is great and every single theme and colour pallet looks amazing on the crisp white paper. No ghosting, no bleeding and the paper works great with every single one of my markers and pens. The journals are a bit more on the pricy side, a normal A5 journal costs 32 dollars. If you’re not from the US you’ll have to pay for international shipping and taxes.

Every hobby costs money and I just love bullet journaling and for me, this price is worth it. Archer & Olive also have quite some sales throughout the year so make sure to subscribe to their newsletter to be the first one to know. If you’re still reading this in time, Archer & Olive also has a black Friday sale with massive discounts.

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