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Archer & Olive Calliograph Brush Pens Review

The products in this blog post are not sponsored or gifted, I bought these items myself. This blog post is my opinion and isn’t influenced by the brand. Note that this blog post contains ad-affiliate links.

My favourite art supplies to use for my bullet journal spreads are brush pens. I couldn’t be more excited when I saw that my favourite bullet journal brand Archer & Olive, launched its own brush pens. In their recent subscription box, there was a set of blue tones as a first try. During the fall launch, they decided to add a set of both the jewel and tropical colours. Inspired by their already existing acrylograph pens. I ordered some acrylographs as well, so make sure to keep an eye out for a review about those!

First Impression

I only ordered the jewel set, since these colours are more my style. I love that the caps of the pens have the colour on them, so it is clear which colour you’re picking. However, I’m not entirely sure if the colours of the caps actually match the colours of the markers. I think that these do not look alike, which is a bit unfortunate. I also hate the box where they come in. The caps of the pens somehow get stuck a little due to their shape. I almost never store my pens in the boxes they come in and have a drawer system for them, so I don’t mind this.

A little tip from me: to make sure that your markers don’t dry out: store them horizontally!

I love the look of this pen and how sturdy it feels. They look and feel luxurious, which is something that I don’t often have with white pens. I also love that Archer & Olive named their pens, I would’ve been even happier if they had numbers as well. That’s just a small detail though!

If you plan on buying a set, make sure to use my (AD-Affiliate) discount code: “miloejoanne10” for 10% off your entire order!

Dual Tips

The tips were the main reason why I was extremely excited about these pens. I love large brush tips for colouring, lettering and pretty much for everything that I make in my bullet journal. My favourite pens to write with are small brush tips, they make very cute lettering for the days of the week and are perfect for little details. I’ve never seen a pen with both of these tips and I think that this is the best idea ever! It will be great to combine these tips!

The colour that I used for this swatch is moss green. The top two lines are created with the broad brush tip and the ones on the bottom are made with the fine brush tip. The large brush tip looked a bit big and not flexible, but I was very surprised by how easy it is to use for lettering. I might even prefer this tip to the Tombow dual tip brush pens.

Colour swatches

I’ve already shown you some swatches on the first pictures in this blog post, but I had to share some more close-ups. The jewel acrylograph set contains eight colours, a white pen and a blending pen. The calliograph set contains 10 colours, which is much more logical for a water-based marker. I love the colours in this set and think that there are some great colour combinations to make with these! My least favourites are probably the green tones since I hoped that these would be a bit more olive-toned, instead they are bright green.

The price

One set of calliograph cost 35 dollars, which means 3,50 dollars per pen. This is very reasonable in my opinion, especially since you get two pens for the price of one, due to the different tips. I’m really happy with this set, I hope that these will be sold separately or in bigger sets in the future!

If you plan on buying a set, make sure to use my (AD-Affiliate) discount code: “miloejoanne10” for 10% off your entire order!

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