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15+ Easy and Creative Bullet Journal Weekly Layouts

The best spread to organise and plan your days is a bullet journal weekly layout. However, with 52 weeks a year, creating them can become dull and not exciting at all. The trick is to be creative and use a different layout each time.

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Weekly spreads can be categorised into single-page layouts, double-page layouts, and dutch door layouts. Things to consider when choosing a layout:

  • Amount of plans you have: when you have fewer plans, a single page weekly might be enough. When you need a lot of space for your endless to-do list, make sure to pick a double page or dutch door layout.
  • Creative space: if you love journaling for the creative aspect as well, make sure to leave enough space for your doodles, favourite quote or pictures!
  • What do you want to create: just make a spread that excites you. I mean, it’s probably good to consider the first two bullet points but in the end, you just want to have fun right?

So after reading these not so useful things to consider, you probably have a little bit of an idea already. I won’t make this any longer than it should be, so I’m just going to show you a lot of layout inspiration! Make sure to follow me on Instagram and YouTube, where I share even more weekly spread layout ideas.

Single-page layouts

So let’s start with some single-page layout ideas. I love using these when I don’t have that much to plan or when I’m on holiday for example.

Starting off with some oldies but goodies, these spreads are from 2020 and 2019. Even though they are quite old, I still love to use these simple layouts! One of my favourite things to do on one page weeklies is to add a fake Washi Tape border using my markers, which is exactly what I did in these two! Using your theme to be a little bit more creative by adding a quote or using tiny lemons for the dates makes all the difference!

Next up are some recent spreads, I’ve been loving all the layouts from @purplepotatou, especially for single-page layouts! Next to creating boxes on the left and right side of the page, it is also possible to create long horizontal boxes. My spreads are often quite clean and empty but using different shapes and boxes can create a fun layout. This way you can even think about using bigger boxes on busy days and smaller boxes on the weekend.

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Double-page layouts

Next up I have some double-page layouts, these are totally different than the ones I’ve showed you so far and as you can see give a lot more space.

Two weeklies from two of my favourite themes! The first weekly on the left is shaped around the flowers, really using the empty spaces to place coloured circles with the dates. The second one is really clean and simple, with little boxes for the events and lots of space to add any to-do’s.

There are endless possibilities when you’re using this set-up on the left. You can either place the doodles on the outside of the page, like I did here. However, it’s also possible to add the doodles in the middle of the page and add the week days on the outside, both give a nice effect! I use this layout pretty frequently, since it’s one that always works!

One layout that is a bit more different is this vertical one on the right. Using different angles can make a weekly look really cool without it being too much effort.

Dutch Door Layouts

Some followers called me the dutch door queen before, which is crazy but a little bit true as well. I’m a sucker for dutch door layouts, but I have to admit that I don’t use them a lot for weekly layouts. I should make a blog post about my favourite dutch door layouts in general right?

This is me, suddenly realising that I don’t actually make that many dutch door weekly spreads. Most of my dutch door weeklies have doodles around the edge, this style van be combined with both a single or double page layout.

I also wanted to take a moment and tell you a little bit more about using a running task list, which is what I did in my koi fish theme. My running task list pages often make use of a boxed layout for my events and a simple set-up for all of my tasks. This system is ideal for people who have a lot on their to do lists and don’t feel comfortable planning on specific days. I’ll make sure to write a blog post about this soon, where I’ll explain more about the system itself.

I hope this gave you some bullet journal weekly spread inspiration and a bit more insight in all the possibilities. Hope to see you soon!

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