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100+ Bullet Journal Spread Ideas

Completely new to the world of bullet journaling and looking to see all the possibilities? Or are you just tired of the same old pages and looking for some new inspiration? I for sure needed some new bullet journal spread ideas, sometimes you just need to make something new to spark your creativity again.

2021 bullet journal spread ideas

100+ page ideas, I know these are quite a lot. I found so many ideas that this just turned into a master list. Please don’t feel overwhelmed by all of these ideas, some might pique your interest and others don’t. That’s actually a good thing because no one wants to fill their journal with all 100 of these. Just see which one fits your journaling style and wished and might add something useful!

The under-appreciated basics

What can I say, I like love the under-appreciated basics. The basic journaling spreads form the basis for my organised life, without them, I would be nowhere. So I’m starting with these ones because they deserve that extra bit of shine all the way on top of this blogpost.

  • Yearly at a glance
  • Yearly overview
  • birthday calendar
  • Monthly spread
  • Weekly spread
  • Daily spread
  • To-do list
  • Deadlines tracker
  • Bullet journal key
  • Grid spacing

To get all ready for 2021

GOALS! Who doesn’t need a little purpose in their life. I know this year I’m not that excited to make a bucket list or a full on goals page. I have to admit that the upcoming year doesn’t look that exciting to me. So a bucket list is a no go for me this year. Goals however are good to track, they give life a bit more meaning. Setting yearly goals and doing my best to achieve them in January, to fail at them in February is something I enjoy. Life is about setting goals, succeeding, failing and starting again. Please promise me to set your goals for the new year and lets succeed and fail together.

  • Yearly goals
  • Yearly or seasonal bucket list
  • Vision board
  • Mood board
  • Personality spread
  • One sentence a day
  • Life goals
  • 22 before 2022 (gets more difficult every year?!)
  • Describe your perfect day
  • Books to read
  • Summer reading list
  • Tv-shows/films to watch
  • Level 10 life
  • A year in pixels

Get on top of it

One of the main reasons why I started journaling is because I needed to get my life together and on top of my school game. Planning and productivity are the first things that come to mind when I think of this. So let’s get everything in check to make 2021 the most productive year EVER.

  • productivity tracker
  • Project planner
  • Thesis plan
  • Deadline list
  • Work hour tracker
  • Work/school schedule
  • Study tracker
  • Attendance tracker
  • Grade tracker
  • Semester at a glance
  • Assessment schedule
  • Perfect morning/evening routine
  • Budget tracker
  • Gym schedule
  • Grocery list
  • Work/school goals
  • Brain dump
  • Master to-do list
  • Things to remember

Trackers for everything you need

I mentioned a few trackers already in the lists above, but there are more to come. I think trackers are the most popular spreads. In general, you can track anything you want. Please don’t though because that means a lot of keeping up! The ultimate way to reach your goals is to create habits and no better place to track them than in your bullet journal.

  • Mood tracker
  • Habit tracker
  • Sleep tracker
  • Wellness tracker
  • Reading tracker
  • Book tracker
  • Films/tv-series tracker
  • Exercise tracker
  • Water tracker
  • Meditation & mindfulness tracker
  • Steps tracker
  • Sleep tracker
  • Cleaning tracker
  • Project tracker
  • Period tracker
  • Savings tracker
  • Finance tracker
  • Plant tracker
  • Weather tracker
  • Content tracker
  • Dreams tracker
  • Energy tracker

Memories and special moments

Your bullet journal is the perfect place to keep track of memories and special moments. Journaling can be incorporated in many ways, pictures, text or drawing, anything is possible. I always imagine opening my journal in a few years time and finding some memories and moments that I might have forgotten.

  • Memories spread
  • About my day
  • One line a day
  • One word a day
  • Gratitude log
  • Dream log
  • diary pages
  • Monthly playlist
  • Affirmations
  • New month inspiration page
  • Spread ideas page
  • Mood board
  • A month of memory blocks
  • My year in polaroids

The fun ones

Not always necessary to make, but creative and fun spreads can be great. Giving you happiness or a creative boost!

  • Quote page
  • Book review
  • My favourites or monthly favourites
  • Restaurants to try
  • Gift ideas
  • Pen swatches
  • Colour combinations
  • Dream stationery list
  • List of bullet journal theme ideas
  • Brush lettering practice
  • Doodle page
  • Washi tape swatches
  • About me spread
  • Haircut inspiration
  • Your favourite place
  • About your cat/dog
  • Recipe spread
  • Birthday time capsule
  • Moon phases
  • Things that make me happy
  • Title ideas
  • Self-care ideas
  • Art challenge page
  • Places I want to travel to
  • Favourite city

I promise, I’m done now. I hope these gave you some fresh inspiration!

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